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Welcome to Badass Business 101! This action-packed PDF includes valuable lessons for any business owner, as well as a full-sized version of the worksheet included in our book, The Pursuit of Badasserie.

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    “This book is designed to go back to again and again, which I love. The ideas are great, but action is even better, and I loved that you allowed for the action points to be written down at the end of each section. How many times do we read a great book and then do nothing with the information?”

    Diandra Dickinson


    In this free bonus you'll learn:

    • How to Set SMART Goals
    • How to Analyze your Business with SWOT
    • Emotional Intelligence Activities
    • 50 Ideas for a Press Release
    • 150 Ways to Market Your Business
    • And much more!

    What is the pursuit of badasserie all about?

    This book is for entrepreneurs: aspiring and new business owners, solopreneurs, freelancers, and long-time entrepreneurs. Whether you are just starting out, have been struggling (or succeeding) for years, or are running a day-to-day doldrum, every entrepreneur has the same challenges, fears, and unrealistic expectations. With so many conflicting strategies, confusing ideals, and competing businesses, how will you stand out and get ahead? Sometimes the answers lie within!

    The Pursuit of Badasserie looks at how and why you make the decisions that truly count in creating badass business abundance!