the pursuit of badasserie,

the sales edition

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    “This book is designed to go back to again and again, which I love. The ideas are great, but action is even better, and I loved that you allowed for the action points to be written down at the end of each section. How many times do we read a great book and then do nothing with the information?”

    Diandra Dickinson


    In this free bonus you'll learn:

    • Sales Process Diagrams
    • DISC Behavioral Style Guide
    • Emotional Intelligence Activities
    • Target Market Exercises
    • And much more!

    What is the pursuit of badasserie, the sales edition all about?

    Overflowing with winning sales strategies, delivery techniques, mindset overhauls, psychological sales triggers, and so much more, this book is your definitive guide to getting that sale! If you want to reach more prospects, build sales relationships, and overcome your fear of selling, then grab a copy of this book!

    The Pursuit of Badasserie, The Sales Edition is an invaluable guide that shows readers how to be more effective and authentic in their sales processes and GET RESULTS, fast! If you are ready to activate badass business sales solutions and strategies using the action steps you need to stand out, get ahead, and get that sale, then order this book, now!